What Is Call Deflection and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Call deflection, what is it and how does it benefit a business owner like you?

What Is Call Deflection and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to improve your customer service and customer experience. One way to do that is by using call deflection. Call deflection is a technique that helps reduce the number of calls your business receives throughout the day. It does this by routing customers to the appropriate department or agent, depending on their needs. In this blog post, we will discuss what call deflection is and how it can benefit your hospitality or service-based business!

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What Is Call Deflection & Why Is It A Business Superpower

Running a business is challenging enough without becoming bombarded by inbound calls, especially if your team is new and just getting to grips with their own responsibilities. So, rather than attempt to spin plates, so to speak, use call deflection to manage calls and enhance customer experience, whether you own a restaurant, coffee shop, or beauty salon.

While expanding your team might not be the right move for you right now, call deflection can help to redirect incoming calls to a different destination other than the intended recipient. And this frees up your time which can be better spent on managing your team, taking stock, and providing outstanding customer service, right!

Suppose you are responsible for restaurant management and someone calls your restaurant during a busy period hoping to speak to someone about catering for an event. Rather than speak directly to the restaurant manager, save your business precious time by using call deflection to ask them to leave a message or visit your website to fill in an inquiry form. This enables your team and senior members of staff to be available to serve guests who are dining with you in the present moment, therefore improving customer experience overall.

With call deflection, inbound calls can be greeted with an automated message asking them to identify their need first, allowing you to automatically filter out urgent calls over those that can wait or be provided with an answer via chatbot.

For instance, customers hoping to book a table can be prioritized over those asking about your opening hours. Information such as opening hours, dietary requirements, and menu prices can all be solved using automated messages or being redirected to a chatbot or website. And this makes restaurant management much easier to handle.

Your Digital Front Of House

If you’re hoping to increase bookings, call deflection can really help! Just think of all those missed calls when the phone has been ringing, but you’re busy speaking to a customer or taking a payment.

Call deflection can act as your digital ‘front of house’, and either delay the call just enough for your team to pick it up or greet the caller and take down their information so that you can call them back at a better time. Call deflection can also help small and medium-sized service businesses save money on staffing costs. By routing, calls to a different department or an automated message, restaurants and other service-based businesses can avoid having to expand their team just to answer a growing number of inbound calls.

Not only can it help you grow your business by reducing the number of missed calls you receive, but it can also give your business a more professional first impression. No more long lines waiting on hold for a member of your team to locate the manager to speak to a customer, call deflection can effectively act on your behalf and keep customer experience at an all-time high!

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